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Definition of Action

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An action is a unit of activity for which no internal description is provided, i.e. it is an event (potentially of extended duration), characterised entirely by a specified change in state. Defined thus, in terms of changes of state, an action may be seen as the occurrence of an exercise of a capability; actions may be performed by a performer – but they might also simply be reactions, i.e. an effect arising from a particular cause.

It may be possible, and indeed it usually is, to divide an action into smaller actions; whilst this may appear to convert an action into an activity (given that the description of a thing should be fixed unless it is acted upon), activity is the fundamental concept: an activity may be described as an action only for the actor who is unable to interrupt it.


Action is a defined term of Enterprise Architecture. Action is a defined term of Business Analysis.

Activity Definition Snippet

Definition of Activity

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Activity is continuous change in one or more observables during a specified period of time, which, if the activity is current, is open-ended to the future and may be open-ended in the past; an entity engaged in activity has that activity as a behaviour is an performer.

An activity is recognised pattern of change, i.e. a mapping from particular initial states to particular outcomes, which may or may not be goals.


Activity is a defined term of Enterprise Architecture. Activity is a defined term of Business Analysis.

Agreement Definition Snippet

Definition of Agreement

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Agreement is the mutual commitment of two or more parties (individual or organisational entities including political states) to adopt specific policies (normative specifications), typically subject to the provisions of implicit or explicit higher-level policies, such as may govern failures to meet the commitments made.

An agreement is a specific policy.


Contract, treaty, memorandum of understanding.

Note that a law is not an agreement: it is a policy of a state (or supra-national) organisation whose norms apply to its members (citizens or subjects) irrespective of explicit commitment to them.


Agreement is a defined term of Enterprise Architecture. Agreement is a defined term of Business Analysis

Analysis Paralysis (Alternate) Definition Snippet

Definition of Analysis Paralysis (Alternate)

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Analysis paralysis is the inability to do something because the analysis supposed to explain what, why, when, how and by whom it is to be done is, apparently, insufficiently complete. It is prima facie evidence of a lack of understanding of the nature of the something to be done, in which case further analysis is recommended.

If, upon further analysis, it appears, contrariwise, that the analytical process is at fault, the process of analysis should be analysed instead.

Architecture Model Definition Snippet

Definition of Architecture Model

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An Architecture Model is a description of one or more entities in terms of other entities (contained components and components of the environment) and their attributes, specifically including innate properties and behaviours as well as the relationships between entities.

A formal architecture model is such a description codified in accordance with an (architecture) standard (which may reference subsidiary standards), such as an architectural Framework or Metamodel.

A formal model should identify the specific standard (by reference to dates and times, version numbers, standard document status, etc. as necessary) so that the compatibility of two or more models is determinable.


Architecture Model is a defined term of Enterprise Architecture.

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