Definition of Value

Definition Last Updated 17-Dec-2015 12:51

Relevant meanings of value include:

  • A value, an answer to a question concerning a characteristic or attribute of an entity of the kind “What is the [attribute name] of [entity name]?” such as, “What is the Colour of Snow?”, where “What is the [attribute name]…” means “What value does [attribute name] currently have?”
  • The value as the worth of something: an assessment of something’s price or desirability according to a particular rule;
  • To value something, to ascertain its value or to state that its value ranks high (directly or indirectly according to a rule)

A value is not limited to being a single thing, number or otherwise; values may also be ranges (as limits or distributions) or more general objects such as sets.


Value is a defined term of Enterprise Architecture. Value is a defined term of Business Architecture.

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