Definition of Stakeholder

Definition Last Updated 17-Dec-2015 12:51

A stakeholder in an activity is an individual or group entity who might receive some benefit or disbenefit from the outcomes of some activity (characterised by both direct and indirect effects) whose interests the performers of that activity should consider by virtue of some policy, i.e. someone with a stake or interest in that activity whose stake in it must be considered.

Stakeholders in an enterprise are considered to be stakeholders in all activities (i.e. behaviours) of that enterprise.


Stakeholders are expressed as relationships of the form:

(Simple) [entity] is a [stakeholder] in [activity ] because [rationale]

(Full) [entity] is a [stakeholder] in [activity ] because [rule] gives [benefit] to [entity] from [activity] [outcome] and [policy] requires [activity] [performers] to consider [activity] [benefit] to [entity]


Stakeholder is a defined term of Enterprise Architecture. Stakeholder is a defined term of Business Analysis

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