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A project is the specification for, or realisation of, a specification for the delivery of a specific business change, i.e. a description of or performance of a capability.


Project is a defined term of Enterprise Architecture. Project is a defined term of Business Analysis. Project is a defined term of Management.


Article Last Updated 17-Dec-2015 12:51

Since in all generality capabilities deliver change, a project describes a very particular, and time limited, capability that is usually focussed on affecting other capabilities – in terms of both what they do and how well they do it – by changing the way that they are realised (delivered) – either by changing their processes or the availability of resources, i.e. materiel and performers.

A project changes one specific state into another, and when it has (or perhaps has not) achieved its goals, it terminates, the capability ceases to be and the unconsumed resources of the project are returned to the organisational pool for re-use elsewhere. One hopes that only money and material are consumed and that staff are recycled; time is, alas, unrecoverable.

The point above about recycling staff is not entirely facetious: in exercising any capability, work must be done1In the truest thermodynamic sense of work. and things are typically either consumed or subject to wear; staff may be subject to “wear” as well and, indeed, may need to be rested between onerous duties.

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1.In the truest thermodynamic sense of work.

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