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A post is a reference to the set of relationships and roles that define an individual’s place in an organisation.


Post is a defined term of Enterprise Architecture. Post is a defined term of Business Analysis


Article Last Updated 17-Dec-2015 12:51

Whereas one person may have many roles, a person usually has only one post i.e. place in the organisational hierarchy. The exceptions to the general rule are typically seen in very senior positions within organisations, where for example the Chief Executive Officer might also be the Chair of the Board. For the purposes of organisational modelling, posts are usually the basis of the hierarchical structure.

Every post is associated with one or more roles: in the case of the one person who “is” the CEO & Chair of the board, one could also say that he or she fulfils the roles of chief executive and chair of the board.

In describing organisational structure, the hierarchy of, or relationships between, posts should be supplemented by clear associations between the posts and the roles, otherwise the rationale for the relationships between the posts may be unclear.

The topic of posts vs. roles is somewhat complicated by the fact that, when a post is largely defined (and possibly named) with respect to a very limited set of roles (sometimes single a single role), it may not always be clear in discussions whether the post or the role is under consideration. For example, “project manager” might be a post with just one role – “project manager”.

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