Definition of Performer

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A performer is an entity (piece of stuff) that performs a particular behaviour (activity) as a specified part of a given performance; the behaviour may be voluntary or involuntary.


Performer is expressed as relationships of the forms:

[Performer] is [entity] whose [behaviour] is a specified part of [performance]

[Performer] is piece of [stuff] whose [activity] is a specified part of [performance]

[Entity] whose [behaviour] is a specified part of [performance] is [performer] in [performance]

Performer is synonymous with actor, agent, etc.; it is preferred here for its association with the concept of performance.


Performer is a defined term of Enterprise Architecture. Performer is a defined term of Business Analysis.


Article Last Updated 17-Dec-2015 12:51

The behaviour of the entity must be specified as part of the performance otherwise behavioural side effects of activity during a performance could give the appearance that what is in fact incidental activity is considered essential to the performance.

For example, a thrown ball typically spins, but if its spin is usually irrelevant to moving the ball from A to B, and the ball is passive, i.e. material; if the spin of the ball is relevant (for example in cricket, soccer, baseball, football, snooker, pool, hockey, etc.) then the ball is an active participant, since its failure to spin may might lead the performance to fail insofar as the ball was supposed to spin in some specified way.

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