Definition of Outcome

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An outcome is the state that obtains following the completion of an action or the passage of an interval of time (during which some activity occurs), which may be expressed as either a description of the final state in absolute terms or as the initial state plus the changes that are caused by the action or activity.

The end state of a capability, process, process step, etc. is always an outcome of that capability, process, etc.

An outcome is the end state of an event.


Outcomes are expressed as relationships of the form:

[Outcome] is a [state] following an [action]

Noting that action is the transformation of one state to another, outcome may be any state causally connected to the final state of the action, as well as the final state itself.


Outcome is a defined term of Enterprise Architecture. Outcome is a defined term of Business Analysis.


Article Last Updated 17-Dec-2015 12:51

Whilst objective and goal refer to outcomes of (positive) value, an outcome is just a description without valuation. An outcome may be valued positively or negatively, but mere valuation does not make a positive outcome an objective or goal, nor does it make a negative outcome a failure.

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