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An observable is that which determines the outcome of an observation, and is thus a kind of characteristic, i.e. something that can be said about1Formally, predicated of. the content of a particular region at a particular time.

Whereas tags (the only other kind of characteristic) are characteristics predicated on the identification of an entity, observables are intrinsic characteristics such as length or mass, whose values are independent of any entity identification.

The value of an observable is determined by inference from the quantitative or qualitative difference between the outcomes arising from observing and not observing.

Etymology & Derivation

According to Larousse2Specifically The Chambers Dictionary. Copyright (c) 1994 (c) Larousse plc., the relevant aspects of to observe are

to keep in view; to watch; to subject to systematic watching; to regard attentively; to watch critically and attentively in order to ascertain a fact; to ascertain by such watching; to notice; to pay attention to; to remark in words, to comment;


Observable is a defined term of Enterprise Architecture. Observable is a defined term of Business Analysis. Observable is a defined term of Quantum Mechanics.

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1.Formally, predicated of.
2.Specifically The Chambers Dictionary. Copyright (c) 1994 (c) Larousse plc.

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