Definition of Enterprise Architecture

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The mission of Enterprise Architecture is to deliver organisational insights and establish governance that facilitate safe, efficient and beneficial enterprise transformations.

Note that whilst this definition might seem overly broad, it is in fact strictly true; for details see the main article.


Enterprise Architecture is the practice whose continuous processes1Hence mission in the concise definition., governance and coherent descriptions of organisational structures (expressed in terms of the enterprise’s component entities and the relationships between them, i.e. architecture descriptions and architecture models etc.) – inform the specification of the enterprise transformations sought in response to changing internal or external circumstances, and facilitate their safe, efficient and beneficially managed execution.

Here safe means not exposed to unmanageable risk, rather than not exposed to (any) risk. Unmanageable is used here rather than unacceptable because EA should provide information that helps provide insight into the nature of risk (including likelihood and impact) and it is explicitly not the role of EA to determine whether a risk is acceptable or unacceptable: that is a business decision.


Enterprise Architecture is a defined term of Enterprise Architecture.

Notes   [ + ]

1.Hence mission in the concise definition.

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