Definition of Characteristic

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A characteristic is something that can be said about1Formally, predicated of the content of a particular region – somewhere with defined extent in space – at a particular time. Characteristics are divided into observables, which are intrinsic, and tags which are extrinsic. The noun characteristic is a generalisation, and does not necessarily imply is characteristic of, in the sense of being a distinguishing feature.

The value of a characteristic, quantitative or qualitative, is determined under particular conditions (i.e. of time, place, environment, etc.) by:

  • Observation, or
  • Inference, i.e. calculation or reasoning from the values of one or more other attributes, which may also be considered as the application of standard rules of mathematics and logic, such as Area of Circle = πr2


Characteristic is a defined term of Enterprise Architecture. Characteristic is a defined term of Business Analysis.

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1.Formally, predicated of

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