Definition of Agreement

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Agreement is the mutual commitment of two or more parties (individual or organisational entities including political states) to adopt specific policies (normative specifications), typically subject to the provisions of implicit or explicit higher-level policies, such as may govern failures to meet the commitments made.

An agreement is a specific policy.


Contract, treaty, memorandum of understanding.

Note that a law is not an agreement: it is a policy of a state (or supra-national) organisation whose norms apply to its members (citizens or subjects) irrespective of explicit commitment to them.


Agreement is a defined term of Enterprise Architecture. Agreement is a defined term of Business Analysis


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Types of Agreement

Recognised types of agreement include

  • Agreement, e.g. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Contract, e.g. Contract of Employment, Contract of Sale, etc. where the policies typically include the provision of something and financial remuneration for it, and IT Service Contracts where the agreement may be simply that provided certain conditions are met a certain capability will be exercised on behalf of the service requester
  • Memorandum of Understanding, may be, but typically is not legally binding1For further insight into MoUs see Wikipedia 

Treaty, sometimes legally binding

Notes   [ + ]

1.For further insight into MoUs see Wikipedia

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