Data, Beer & Enterprise Architecture in 400 seconds

Those of us who work in Enterprise Architecture are often asked to explain what EA is all about and how it works, and at the 6th DataBeersBCN event I had an opportunity to give a novel perspective – taking in evolution, intelligence and theories of warfare along the way – in the challenging Pecha Kucha format.

The idea of Pecha Kucha is “20 slides, 20 seconds each” (hence the 400 seconds) and even for someone like me who has been presenting at conferences around the globe for years it presented interesting new challenges, not least of which was the need not to ad lib.

When presenting, subject knowledge, preparation and careful exposition are key – as is making sure that you are carrying the audience with you – but with only 400 seconds to convey some deep ideas to an international audience of non-native English speakers, knowing exactly what you are going to say becomes crucial.

Normally I would just speak to my presentation content, expand on those things that seem to elicit most interest and subsequently de-emphasise detail to keep on schedule, but in this format there’s no room to manoeuvre and no room for error. I can’t recall precisely how much preparation I put in, but it was all worth it in the end.

The slide-deck used for the presentation may also be found here.

These DataBeers group events (of which the Barcelona group is just one) are proving to be informative, entertaining and massively popular. DataBeersBCN #6 at the Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damm had about three hundred people in the audience – there would have been more but that was full house.

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